Get the Double Duty Advantage

Double Duty Portable Storage offers to rent multiple sized Self Storage units located at 39559 133rd street Bath, South Dakota 57427, Affordable prices. We deliver 20 ft self-storage units directly to your home, or jobsite, and can transfer them most anywhere. The self-storage cargo containers can sit in Bath, South Dakota and you can unload you moving truck into storage units.


LESSEE shall not use the units for human or animal habitation. LESSEE shall store LESSEE” S own personal property in the unit and shall not store property owned by others. No food or beverages of any kind shall be stored in a container that will perish and become spoiled. LESSEE shall not store any illegal property in the unit, including, but not limited to, any hazardous materials, medical waste, or any other materials whose storage is prescribed by federal, state, or local law, or any government authority. LESSEE recognizes the fact that the storage unit may not be suitable for precious books, letters, writings, works of art, paintings, pictures, photos, certificates, records, bank records, tax records, receipts, ledgers, heirlooms, precious works of art that have sentimental value. LESSEE agrees the self-storage unit may not be suitable for fragile or irreplaceable property. LESSEE may not make any alterations in any way to the unit.