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Double Duty Portable Storage and Movers, Inc

Double Duty Portable Storage and Movers, Inc is a locally owned family business from Aberdeen, South Dakota and serving Brown County, South Dakota throughout Midwest. (NPSA) The National Portable Storage Association named Double Duty Portable Storage2016 Industry Leaders. We offer commercial (GLO) mobile offices, portable storage services, for Lease, and Sales.


  • 10-Foot Container. 9’9.75″ x 8′ x 8’6″
  • 20-Foot Container. 19’10.5″ x 8′ x 8’6″
  • 20-Foot Container. 19’10.5″ x 8′ x 9’6″
  • 40-Foot Container. 40′ x 8′ x 8’6″
  • 40-Foot Container. 40′ x 8′ x 9’6″
We specialize in One-Trip shipping containers that are air, wind, and watertight, and made of cortex steel. Our storage containers come with a secure door closing mechanism, and there is a process to open the heavy doors. Our secure construction containers trailers have a secure locking system on doors, to prevent break-ins and pilferage of containers on a jobsite. Double Duty’s shipping containers have lock boxes. A lockbox is a small square-shaped unit that is welded on doors of your jobsite container trailers. These lock boxes conceal the lock and prevent someone from cutting the locks off with a bolt cutter. We have added the lock box to our cargo containers doors, to provide another layer of shipping container security.
Double Duty Portable Storage and Movers, Inc buys, leases, and sells multiple si2ed 1-Trip shipping containers. The dimensions vary in length and width. Most standard cargo containers are around 10-feet long, 20-feet, 40-feet, 43-ft, 45-feet long. The standard height of a shipping container is 8-feet 6 inches (8X8X20). A “high Cube” shipping container measures 9-feet 6 inches (8X9X40) These high cube shipping containers are used to increase storage space and can allow better air circulation. The job trailers allow you to drive a forklift inside the container for loading/unloading pallets with supplies. 1-Trip 40-ft intermodal high cubes shipping containers are made to stack and are exactly 40-feet long (12.192 m), while the 1-Trip 20-foot intermodal container is slightly shorter 19 feet 10.5 inches (6.058 m).
Double Duty offers a 1-Trip 8X9X40 DD (Double door) shipping container for lease. This job trailer allows you to drive a forklift inside the cargo container to stack pallets and other materials. It has doors on both ends for easy access and helps organize your supplies.

Double Duty offers an open side shipping container for lease in various sizes. The open side shipping container includes bi-fold doors that slide open along the side of the container. This container has regular doors on the end and allows for two entrance openings. This 1-Trip 40-foot OS (openside) container usually is a high cube and is perfect for handling longer pipes and other materials on jobsite.

Double Duty Portable Storage leases ISO certified Construction Office Trailers in Aberdeen, SD. Our safe, GLO Ground Level Offices, are built inside a shipping container. Our mobile office trailers space is simplified and can be transferred almost anywhere. We offer speedy delivery to any jobsite to meet any needs or budget. These temporary Mobile Offices trailers have standard floor plans and are a fully functional mobile office inside. We have welded steel bars on the outside of the windows for added security. Double Duty offices have complete climate control air conditioning, heat, lights, and outlets to accommodate all your electronics.