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Double Duty’s secure portable storage containers are air and water tight,

made of industrial strength cortex steel, and are made to ship internationally

and abroad.

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We Help Make Storage Simple

Double Duty’s storage specialists will help you determine what is best to do for your storage needs, how the items can be stored, and where across our secure locations in Aberdeen, Huron and South Dakota.

                                                                    BUY-SELL-LEASE                                                              Double Duty Portable Storage and Movers, Inc is locally owned family business originating in 2011 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. (NPSA) National Portable Storage Association named Double Duty Portable Storage Industry Leaders in 2016. We are licensed and insured, and specialize in professional commercial and residential portable storage services. Our cortex steel cargo containers are air, wind, and water tight and are made to travel across the ocean on cargo ships filled with supplies. The 1-trip containers have made 1-trip from China on cargo ships and docks at many Ports in United States and travel around the world. We offer multiple sized shipping containers for lease or sale throughout midwest. We lease 20ft 1-trip cargo containers in Aberdeen, South Dakota and Brown County, South Dakota. We have several options to rent in 40 foot shipping containers with double doors on each end. This 40-ft high cube container is great for contractors who need access to each end of the container. Its called a tunnel container, because you can drive right through it. The 1-trip 40x9x8 ft high cube is easier to access with a forklift if you are loading and stacking  pallets. We lease 20 ft open sides containers  that have door along the side for the customers who need load long pipes with forklift. This allows forklift to carry long pipes and stack them in inside without any extra handeling. We also have 40-fthc open side shipping containers for lease with doors completely open on 40 foot side. that can handle longer pipes for pipeline at any commercial jobsite. Double Duty’s storage specialists will recommend what secure cargo container is best for your jobsite. We rent Mobile Office trailers and job trailers in multiple sizes with standard floor plans in Aberdeen, South Dakota. These temporary construction trailers are (GLO ) Ground Level Offices are available for quick delivery in Aberdeen, South Dakota and Brown County, South Dakota. They make a perfect temporary portable office for any project, on any jobsite

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Why Use Our Portable Storage Service


Our containers come equipped with a secure locking system to protect your stored objects from any unauthorized entry.


Our portable storage containers are coated in a water resistant material that will protect your items from any water damage, they are also air tight to protect your items.

Heavy Duty

The containers have heavy duty rubber sealed doors that will not allow any rain or water from entering and will protect your items against the weather.


These corrugated steel portable storage containers are delivered directly to your home, office, or to your commercial jobsite. We use our shipping containers to transport multiple goods across the United States.

What Is Special About Our Portable Storage Containers

Air tight

Water tight

Weather proof

Rubber sealed doors

Secure lock box system

Made of cortex steel

Shipping grade container

Call Double Duty Portable Storage for all your container, and Mobile Offices needs. 

We are Industry Leaders located in Aberdeen, South Dakota and Brown County.

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